Builder Profile: MagnaFlow V8 & Resto Shop

The V8 Speed & Resto shop’s story is pretty different to that of most shops. V8 Speed started out as a television program, where the shop’s skilled fabricators would build one vehicle at a time. Their show V8TV still airs on the TUFF-TV network, in fact. Eventually, after the show had done a few builds, fans of the show began to reach out to try and get V8 Speed & Resto to build their projects. After receiving quite a few of these inquiries, they decided that maybe they could do both the television show and have an actual restoration shop. The rest, as they say is history. V8 Speed & Resto remains a fairly small operation with twelve builders in the shop, but they still manage to turn out extremely high quality cars that keep customers lining up. In addition to all their customer car builds, they find time to put out really informative and interesting web episodes of V8TV.

One of the shop’s favorite builds that they’ve completed is a 1969 Chevelle. The car’s owner, Al, had seen a V8TV episode where the shop had restored a ’69 Chevelle convertible and thought that they’d be the perfect crew to bring his dream to life. After Al’s car was delivered to the shop, the team set about cutting out sizable areas of rust and replacing it with fresh sheet metal. The body was massaged until it was 100% straight and was then sprayed in a gorgeous shade of Carbon Flash metallic black paint. The original vinyl interior was tossed out and replaced with a stock-appearing interior in leather. Electronic gauges were installed with the original gauge faces to help Al keep an eye on all of the car’s vitals. The Chevelle is now riding on some modern Rocket wheels wrapped in sticky rubber. In place of the tired old original 307 engine, V8 Resto and Speed fitted a 462 cubic inch monster that is exhaling through a custom MagnaFlow 3” exhaust system.

“This is not the most expensive or high-tech car we’ve built, but it is one of our favorites” Operations Manager Kelle Oeste said. “It’s a simple and timeless formula… build a car that looks kick-ass, give it lots of power, pay attention to the details, and do it right.” Oeste credits the crew for making it happen, and owner Al for trusting the team. “Cars like this can only happen if the crew really cares about their work.”

It’s clear that no matter what they’re working on, the crew at V8 Speed & Resto really do care about their work. We are thrilled that they choose MagnaFlow for their builds, and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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